Monday, December 14, 2009


Simply a good case to share. Thanks to Stavanger for forwarding the INM-C distress alert and Gris Nez for forwarding the SARSAT report. The case summary;

RCC Norfolk received an undesignated INM-C distress alert from RCC Stavanger on the 40FT S/Y F ET MER, a French flagged vessel. RCC Gris Nez called and reported that they had received an unlocated 406 EPIRB from this same vessel. an Air Station Elizabeth City C-130 was immediately launched and had a four hour transit to the scene. The AMVER vessel WELLINGTON STAR was diverted to the scene as well. The C-130 arrived on scene and located the F ET MER disabled and adrift in high winds and seas (+6 meters!). The F ET MER crew reported they had been capsized by the huge seas. They also reported they had donned their survival suits. The WELLINGTON STAR arrived on scene an hour after the C-130. All three persons were safely recovered by the WELLINGTON STAR. The F ET MER was abandoned, and an EGC was released concerning Hazard to Navigation. Case closed.

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