Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Reverse Drift Interview - Done

Whew....those BBCers are thorough! We interviewed and shot footage for ~4-5 hours last Friday. My assessment is, I'm glad I do what I do for a living and AM NOT AN ACTOR! That was redicuolous! Anyhow, the interview could have gone better I felt, but I always say that about my performances. I struggle greatly with any kind of podium time, camera time, but I got through it and the BBC guys said it went fine. The SAROPS demonstration went real well I thought. I also have to tell you right away, if any of you ever see this episode that they made it about me, which was not my intention. They shot video of me walking in the building, up and down hallways and into the Command Center. I know don't ask, but I'll give you my autograph next time I see you for no charge! Be well. Geoff.